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Puistola - Room in shared apartment. Furnished. Summer

Vuokra-asunnot ilmoituksen on jättänyt Hoang Pham, 15. Huhtikuuta 2019. :

Hi all, so we have this summer offer for you who might be interested in a short term agreement. We have a newly renovated house with sauna in Puistola area, 700m of walk from the train station located in a calm neighbourhood. A Lidl, a K-market, and a pharmacy are within walking distance. We have 3 bedrooms in the house and would like to rent them out during the 3 months of Summer (June, July, and August). 3 bedrooms will be furnished with basic furniture (bed with mattress - without linen, small desk and chair). Kitchen has a dishwasher, fridge and induction stove as well as some utensils. The house also has a nice garden area with BBQ spot. There would also be a washing machine and tumble dryer, we are working on it :)

The 3 bedrooms are of different size, so the biggest one (around 15m2) is 380e/month, a mid size room (around 13m2) will be 350e/month and the smallest room (around 11m2) will be 320e/month. Maximum 2 people can share a room but we prioritize who live alone. The rent includes water usage, internet usage, but not electricity usage due to the fact that there is a sauna. Smoking and pet are now allowed on the premises. Since renovation work is still going on at the moment, if you wish, you can visit the house only after the 20th of May

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